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Our Story

The idea of “CoolTechGirls” came to me as I was trying to encourage my daughter to explore the worlds of Computer Science and Technology. She was in seventh grade at the time, and she told me that she didn’t want to join those kinds of programming camps because she would be perceived as “nerdy” and be unpopular in school.

I began talking to other parents and found that many teenage girls feel the same way as my daughter about these fields. I looked into different programs and found that out of all the disciplines in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), computing and computer science attracted the least number of girls. I also researched the number of Girls in IT and found the reports and statistics saddening.

I wanted to find out reasons for this trend, so I talked to a few high school girls to hear their thoughts and feelings on the subject. They indicated that not having role models or mentors and lack of internships and job shadowing opportunities were some of the larger key reasons preventing them from exploring their interest in these areas.

Through my research and conversations, I became more passionate about the issue of women in science and technology. I began to dream about a way to make a difference. A place for teenage girls to explore their interest and passion in STEM fields, with workshops, role models, and project opportunities; what a wonderful place that would be!

As these ideas were filling my head, I took a tour of the DEC, an innovative incubator for start-up companies in the technology sector, right here in Dublin, Ohio. Support and encouragement from the DEC community inspired me to follow through my thoughts and ideas. I developed them into a business plan and after some more work and refinement, I was connected with the City of Dublin, who further nurtured the program and its goals.

Throughout this journey, I have met many awesome women who all have helped us make this program a reality, what about you? It takes all sorts of people, with every type of skill set to create a community to foster young girls in our community to follow their passion. From volunteers, entrepreneurs, parents, teachers, and industry leaders, there is a place for you here. Will you join us?

Purba Majumder Founder, CoolTechGirls CEO, Cybervation, Inc.

Purba Majumder, President and Co-Founder of Cybervation, a high-growth technology solutions and staffing company in Columbus, Ohio. With offices in the U.S. and India, the company serves clients nationwide with enterprise software solutions, custom software/mobile app development, IT consulting, IT and healthcare staffing services.

Under Majumder’s leadership, Cybervation has developed many innovative software platforms that were built without external investors but with extensive preparation and attention to detail. The company has offerings for different industries namely healthcare, food and hospitality, retail and procurement. The latest product, BistroUX, used by many local restaurants is a promising solution providing carry out/curbside ordering, gift cards, ecommerce, coupons, loyalty programs, reservations and much more.

As an organization, Cybervation is deeply committed to empowering girls and women for STEM careers through community-focused efforts and its non-profit organization, CoolTechGirls. In 2013, Majumder founded CoolTechGirls, a non-profit with a vision to expose school-age girls to a variety of academic and career options through hands-on activities and showcasing women role models.

Our Vision

CoolTechGirls with a vision to create a supportive and collaborative environment to school age girls to ignite their passion in science and technology. Through workshops and role models, we hope to motivate, mentor, and provide opportunities for school age girls to pursue their passions.

Our Mission

CoolTechGirls addresses the disparity between girls and boys interested in STEM/STEAM coursework and careers by:

Exposing girls to a variety of STEM academic and career options through hands-on activities and adult mentors/role models.

Creating an educated community of parents, teachers, role models and mentors that can provide support and resources for girls.

Connecting with parents who can empower their daughters and local businesses to showcase STEM opportunities and the job landscape.

Co-host STEM related events with local community partners like Hackathons.

Our Goals

Working with local science and technology related companies to host events and build awareness about technology related career opportunities

Explore funding options to secure donations towards a part-time resource to help with programming and outreach as well as funding for our new middle school year long program

Partner with colleges and the professional community to form teams that would work with High School girls to prepare them for Hackathon or similar events. This would inspire girls to pursue STEM learning opportunities in college.

Partner with colleges and the professional community to form teams that would work with High School girls to prepare them for Hackathon or similar events. This would inspire girls to pursue STEM learning opportunities in college.

CTG has been collaborating with the local schools and community to make an impact. We are currently in the midst of rapid growth and look forward to expanding the CTG vision and mission with you. We are also looking to get funding to strengthen our program offerings and create opportunities for young girls.

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