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Do You Want to Lead a Virtual Workshop?

CoolTechGirls is interested in hosting a series of virtual zoom workshops between October and November of 2020 or between February and May of 2021. These workshops would be hosted on the weekends: Saturday workshops could be hosted in the morning or the afternoon, while Sunday workshops would be hosted in the afternoon. We are looking for volunteers that are willing to lead a series of workshops for 1-2 hours that teach elementary or middle school girls about any STEM related topics. Topics include but are not limited to app development, hackathons, python, scratch, leadership, algorithms, SQL, and more. The leader could share their own experiences in STEM, teach about a new and upcoming tech field, or lead a demonstration. In a demonstration, the girls should be engaged in a hands on activity, such as coding on their own devices while listening to the leader walk through the steps. We would prefer hands on workshops, but CoolTechGirls will work with any potential leaders on the types of materials available to the students and on how to make the sessions interactive.

Please email us at info@cooltechgirls.com if you have any general suggestions or ideas. If you are interested in leading these workshops, please fill out the following form: http://tiny.cc/g5gmsz

CTG #TechnoFashion

CoolTechGirls is excited to kick off the 2020-2021 entirely virtual TECHNOFASHION program this fall! This program will run parallel to the school year as it will begin in September 2020 and end in May of 2021.

Any creative middle school girl in the Central Ohio region interested in hands-on experiences and in exploring technology are welcome to register. The girls, however, should be available to attend the hour long virtual workshops held throughout the school year along with the final Design Challenge.

Girls can apply here for the program. Due to the limited number of seats in the program, only 15 students will be accepted after evaluation of the applications. If a student is selected into the program, they will be asked to pay a $100 registration fee. This registration fee covers the cost of eight technical workshops taught by Ohio State University associates, access to mentors, two kits valued at $200, and a leadership workshop.


TECHNOFASHION is a series of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) workshops paced over a year-long program culminating in a design challenge. The program aims to educate girls in electronics and programming, strengthen their self-confidence, boost their awareness of team dynamics, help them develop leadership skills, and attract them towards STEM careers in the future. In the first half of the program, TECHNOFASHION participants work individually to self-explore sewable electronics and learn how to program them. In the second half, a Design Challenge is assigned, and participants work for 8-10 weeks in their own creative ways to design and build TECHNOFASHION prototypes that will compete at a year-end Competition. The produced wearable electronics should be useful in solving a collectively assigned world problem. A series of technical workshops will provide participants with hands-on kits and homework assignments, while a leadership workshop will help participants strengthen their self-confidence and develop leadership skills. Mentors will be available throughout the TECHNOFASHION experience to guide girls through the step by step process of creating their design.

2020 Technical Mentors


Katrina Guido

Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering The Ohio State University

Isabel Fernandez Puentes

Lecturer Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering The Ohio State University

Parag Pathak

Director of Engineering at a local engineering company in Linden, Ohio. Parag graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Masters in Engineering Systems.

TechnoFashion Sponsor


Our Mission

CTG’s mission is to engage school age girls in a collaborative and enriching environment that will ignite their passion for STEM careers with the purpose of empowering them to drive continuous positive change in their world. We actively encourage our girls to seek challenging and fulfilling careers that ignore traditional gender bias by connecting them with role models, mentors, and opportunities to develop their interests, skills, and personal networks. CTG’s ultimate goal is academic change, financial security, and representative leadership for the women of Central Ohio.

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How We Work

Host two to three-hour sessions with speakers/women leaders/discussion on topics related to STEM.

Hands on training events/Field Trips, Career Exploration sessions, Speaker Panels, Networking events.

Co-host STEM related events with local community partners like Hackathons.

Connect girls to STEM leaders, companies and the community.

Ways You Can Help

Your contributions will help provide these opportunities and resources for the girls of today to create the world of tomorrow. Help us educate and empower more girls with the chance to change the world.

There are multiple ways to support this organization. Donations through the CoolTechGirls website are incredibly helpful. Your donations will help us:

Fund lab spaces to host our sessions.

Fund equipment.

Fund program managers and workshop coordinators.

Seed funding to start the initiative to create a CoolTechGirls in a box program that will enable expansion of CTG program beyond Central Ohio.


Our donations are collected by Community Shares of Central Ohio. It is a coalition of locally-based, non-profit organizations. On the Give Now page, you can choose any amount that fits within your budget. Your tax-free donation will help keep our programs free of cost for Central Ohio school-age girls.

Donations can be accepted through the CoolTechGirls (www.cooltechgirls.org) website or via mail. Our non-profit partner Community Shares will be collecting donations on behalf of CoolTechGirls.

Please have all checks made out to Community Shares and write on the Memo line: Donation for CoolTechGirls.

Community Shares will be sending thank you and acknowledgment letters to each donor.

Mail checks to Community Shares, 1699 W Mound St, Columbus, OH 43223.



If you would like to see more women in tech jobs, it all starts with little girls and their aspirations. If you are looking to expose your daughters to different STEM careers, please support us by clicking the Donate Today button.

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Collaborate with us and sponsor our events! Our girls would love to see your office and engage with Role Models from your company.

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TEDx Innovation Drive – July 7th, 2018

We are honored that Purba Majumder, our Founder, was chosen to be a speaker at the first-ever TEDx event – TEDx Innovation Drive in Dublin. The theme was “Challenge the Status Quo” and the event goal was to bring the community together to discuss and connect to deeper TED-like ideas through live speakers and TED Talks videos.


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