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DEC Open House

Posted on March 13, 2013


February 13th saw the official opening of the Dublin Entrepreneurial Center (DEC) at 565 Metro Place South. Mayor Lecklider was on hand for a ribbon cutting with many of the great City of Dublin staff coming to see all the new facility has to offer. Tours were given throughout the day, showing off the modern space’s offices, meeting rooms, and even a creative think tank area.

While the DEC focuses on serving as an economic incubator for start-up companies, it also serves the tech sector with its TechDEC branch. Why do tech start-up’s want in beyond the appeal of DEC’s help? The Metro Data Center. The super modern, highly secure data center is SOC 2/HIPPA certified and is home to structures such as the City’s DubLink network and OARnet, the state’s academic research network.

What does all this have to do with CoolTechGirls? President and creator Purba Majumder launched the program at the open house, sharing it with community members visiting for tours. As one of the City’s newest initiatives, it was a great fit for the hundreds of people who came to see the new DEC to also learn what great new ideas and programs were being born out of this collaborative environment.