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Meet our amazing volunteers! Learn more about them and find out why they volunteer for CoolTechGirls.

Edward Stein, Program Planning Team Lead


1. Your work in your company/day job – what role do you play?

Currently I am an IT Director supporting Cardinal Health's Medical products distribution operations. Cardinal Health distribution systems support the delivery of medical device and consumable product from 42 distribution centers to more than 60,000 locations each day and provides access to more than 200,000 medical products from over 2,200 manufacturers.

2. Why are you passionate about CoolTechGirls?

My 13 year old daughter Megan is a big motivation for me, I enjoy providing her with opportunities to see herself in a future STEM career field which Cool Tech Girls provides a forum for. Additionally I work with several female IT professionals on my team and I am always looking for ways to support their development and success in what has traditionally been and still is a male dominated area.

3. What do you like best about CoolTechGirls?

I relish in the energy that comes from inspiring young women to succeed. I am always amazed when we approach

organizations to engage on a CoolTechGirls event how open and willing everyone is to participate. People love sharing their success stories with the girls and demonstrate how they succeeded with their STEM career. Very inspiring.

Andrea Ravagnani


1. Your work in your company/day job – what role do you play?

I am a Consultant in Cardinal Health’s Platform Services IT department. I report on the metrics to which our suppliers are held accountable, per their contracts with us, to ensure that our IT systems remain stable. I manage projects within our group,, as well as coordinate many of my department VP’s leadership and staff events.

2. Why are you passionate about CoolTechGirls?

I believe that girls can do whatever they want in life. I love that CoolTechGirls exposes girls to career opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, which are fields that men primarily dominate. Girls get the chance to see the wide array of roles within those areas, which includes non-technical positions that utilize other strengths such as organizational skills, relationship management, and other qualities that are essential to supporting STEM colleagues.

3. What do you like best about CoolTechGirls?

I have always had a skill for and a passion for event planning and mentoring. Being on the CoolTechGirls Program Planning Committee has allowed me to give back in both of those capacities.

Julie Westerbeck


1. Your work in your company/day job – what role do you play?

Consultant-Cardinal Health

2. Why are you passionate about CoolTechGirls?

As a millennial I love connecting with the next generation of STEM’ers and sharing my experience- I also love impacting the community I live and work in.

3. What do you like best about CoolTechGirls?

My favorite experience with CoolTechGirls is being able to impact girls of all ages through planning events.

Archana Gosain


1. Your work in your company/day job – what role do you play?

I am a portfolio manager and business operations professional who connects strategy with execution and turns strategy into an actionable plan that can be executed upon by the organization. This involves categorizing the portfolio, breaking strategic initiatives into programs, projects and operational work, defining and tracking metrics, providing oversight to projects, stakeholder management, coaching and guidance on governance, process improvement and being a change agent.

2. Why are you passionate about CoolTechGirls?

My personal goals in life align very well with the goals of CoolTechGirls. I have a Masters degree in Engineering and have always been a strong advocate of STEM professions and encouraging girls to pursue those careers. Volunteering with CoolTechGirls provides the opportunity to promote the cause and contribute to the community while learning from other volunteers/speakers/instructors.

3. What do you like best about CoolTechGirls?

The range and variety of offerings and opportunities provided to the girls, the passion for STEM shared by the volunteers and the energy of student volunteers.

Kavitha Bangalore

1. Your work in your company/day job – what role do you play?

I am a senior IT consultant, working on various aspects of Software Development, IT Project Management and Process Improvement.

2. Why are you passionate about CoolTechGirls?

CTG aligns with my thoughts and values regarding challenges girls have in STEM education and employment. Having been in IT and Engineering for several years and a mother of young girls, this is an exciting organization to work with.

3. What do you like best about CoolTechGirls?

The best thing I like about CTG is the events they organize that serves as a platform for young girls to gain exposure to STEM related fields and domains. As a volunteer with CTG, it gives me an opportunity to serve a noble cause.

Purba Majumder, Founder of CoolTechGirls


Purba Majumder is the president and founder of Cybervation, a growing technology consulting and solutions company with offices in the U.S. and India. Cybervation provides web development, software development, graphics/animation and video creation, project management, staffing, transcription and digitization services.

Purba came to the U.S. from India on a graduate scholarship to complete her Master’s program studying global information systems and city planning. After graduating with her Master’s, she changed directions when she discovered a passion for computer science.

While working in corporate America for over 15 years, most recently as a vice president at JPMorgan Chase and before that as a senior software developer with Sterling Commerce (now IBM), she established Cybervation to lend her technology expertise to other businesses. She eventually left her corporate role to focus her full attention on Cybervation.

With a strong desire to educate young women and provide guidance for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) careers, Purba founded the non-profit organization CoolTechGirls in 2013. CoolTechGirls is a joint initiative with the City of Dublin and the Dublin Entrepreneurial Center. Purba and her company Cybervation were recently recognized with a Columbus Business First Corporate Caring Award in the education category for her work with CoolTechGirls. In 2014, Sunny 95 recognized her as one of its 20 Outstanding Women.

A strong community supporter and passionate contributor to the field of education, Purba is a member of the Board of Trustees for The Wellington School in Upper Arlington and a past board member of the non-profit organization See Kids Dream. In addition, she’s on the national board of directors for Women for Economic and Leadership Development (WELD).

Advisory Team

JJ DiGeronimo, Chaz Freutel, Ingrid Fields, Shelly Stotzer

A Special Thank You

To the women role models - the professional and executive women who have come forward to help as volunteers - you make this program successful. Thank you for showing your commitment to helping the girls and making an impact in the community.

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